Requiring Comments for Subversion Commits

14 Apr

One of the cool things about DreamHost is that it offers a free Subversion repository with its hosting package.  While it provides a convenient interface to set up a project repository, some things need to be configured manually.

When I checked in some code for today, I forgot to enter a comment for the commit.  There were no pre-commit hooks in place so the commit went through as it normally would.  This is undesired if I want to go back and revisit a specific change in the future by viewing the commit comments.

How do I make sure this doesn’t happen again?  There are a handful of sites online that offer solutions for this situation.  One that provided the most direct answer was from Word Aligned.  To add a pre-commit hook to block checkins containing empty comments, use the pre-commit script template file contained in the hooks directory of the Subversion repository.  Assuming you have access to the repository server:

1) Go to the hooks directory for your repository:


2) Copy the existing precommit-tmpl file to a file pre-commit

cp pre-commit.tmpl pre-commit

3) Make the new file executable

chmod +x pre-commit

One caveat is I commented out the following lines in the pre-commit script since I did not need to fine-tune access control for the time being (nor are the required files present by default in the hooks directory):

# Check that the author of this commit has the rights to perform
# the commit on the files and directories being modified.
"$REPOS"/hooks/ "$REPOS" $TXN \

That’s all there was to it for my situation.  See the Word Aligned article for details on testing the hook script and this person’s blog post for information on setting up

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